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Bathing your dog

There’s no question about it: having a dog romping around the house that smells “a bit ripe” is none too pleasant. Keeping your dog clean and well-groomed will pay dividends beyond simple aesthetics. It will also help to keep your dog healthy. Basic grooming involves bathing, brushing, nail trimming, and haircuts.


Just like people, dogs need regular bathing. But unlike people, dogs don’t need frequent bathing. Your dog’s breed and the environment in which it lives and plays will largely determine the optimum frequency of bathing. But once or twice a month is a good rule-of-thumb. Experts recommend that you do not bathe your dog more than once a week.

You can’t use your bath soap or your shampoo on your dog when you give it a bath. Use a shampoo that is formulated specifically for dogs like the new PET PATROL doggie shampoo's that are pH balanced. The special active ingredient called Byotrol will target odour causing bacteria and will help to control those unpleasant odours.

They are now available on-line at Take a Lot or your favouirite Pet Shop. Ask for them by name!

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